Rose McGowan wants the media to stop using 'alleged'

Days after getting criticised by Rose McGowan for working with Harvey Weinstein, Meryl Streep has become the subject of a rebellious campaign of the street art, with posters appearing around Los Angeles this week, which claim that "She Knew" all about Weinstein's misdeeds. And remember it's even worse than it sounds because the person who (allegedly, but I believe it) raped McGowan and the person who helped Streep's career is the same person: Harvey Weinstein.

In the tweet, which has since been deleted, McGowan said, "Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @goldenglobes in a silent protest". "YOUR SILENCE is THE problem", she wrote.

About a dozen posters sprouted across LA on Tuesday, including near Streep's house, near the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists' headquarters and near the studio lot of 20th Century Fox, which made The Post.

It was a response to tweets from actress Rose McGowan, who has been very vocal in criticizing both Streep and other women who meant to wear black to the Golden Globes as a kind of silent protest of sexual misconduct in the movie industry. "I don't tacitly approve of rape". The actress said she did not know about Weinstein's alleged attack on McGowan in the '90s. During the candid discussion, which was filmed for NY magazine's The Cut on December 12, the women addressed the challenges and consequences they've faced since speaking out against their alleged assaulters. "It's very hard to stand up and say this is what happened and have an administration saying I'm lying".

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Streep issued a statement to HuffPost addressing McGowan's tweet. Streep claimed she wasn't "deliberately" silent but did not know what was going on.

"The most gargantuan example of disrespect", Streep said. HW needed us not to know this, because our association with him bought him credibility, an ability to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt. The New York Times has reported that Weinstein subsequently made a payment of $100,000 to McGowan. Streep has denied any awareness of Weinstein's alleged actions.

The actress added that her affiliation with Weinstein was primarily distribution deals and that she had only visited his office once for a meeting. As far as we all know, Streep did nothing wrong.

So you have the symbol of Hollywood elitism and success in a showdown with someone who seems ready to burn it all to the ground because she's (understandably) furious.

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