Apple buys Canadian app development firm Buddybuild

According to Apple, iOS developers have earned US$26.5 billion (about RM107.32 billion) in 2017 which is a 30% increase over 2016. As of today, we are no longer accepting new customers. It should also be noted that the startup will working on the Android app development that it had started last February. Subscriptions that run for more than a year give developers 85% of the revenue generated with Apple taking the remaining 15%.

"For iOS developers, Buddybuild can take care of all the work associated with code signing, and managing provisioning profiles for you".

In simpler words, Buddybuild is concerned with organizing the process of developing an app by building, testing and readying it for sharing it with testers. It is a startup company based in Vancouver.

Developers typically get 70% of that revenue, though the proportion increases to 85% after customers have completed a year's subscription to an app. Naturally, Apple has announced it will be stopping Android support for the platform in the coming weeks. Unsurprisingly, the startup added that will discontinue existing plans and Android app development on 1 March this year.

BuddyBuild made the announcement on January 2, saying it will join the Xcode engineering group at Apple.

Currently, the team has more than 40 engineers.

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As we have stated previously, Buddybuild is a startup company out of Canada that is focused on app development tools.

Buddybuild was established in 2015 by former Amazon employees Dennis Pilarinos and Christopher Stott. Before the acquisition, the company catered to both Android and iOS developers.

As millions of Americans opened up their shiny new Apple Inc. It works through various channels like GitLab, BitBucket, and GitHub. Some of the other clients include Mozilla, Hootsuite, Reddit, SoundCloud, FourSquare and The New York Times.

TechCrunch first reported the deal and received confirmation from Apple. The move should help make iOS more developer-friendly, which is a good thing.

This acquisition would also strengthen Apple's coding platform - known as Xcode.

PixabayBuddybuild - what it does for app developers? That is where the new acquisition will come into play. This will further boost the make of an iOS app and run unit or user interface tests in the follow-up.

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