Bannon Taps Quinn Emanuel Lawyer Ahead of House Panel Appearance

Steve Bannon

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The standard bugs Trump because it makes it harder for him to go after his adversaries in the media.

The explosive book detailing White House chaos and incompetence has sparked a furor since its early release late last week. Or, alternatively, whether Trump stays popular and reembraces Bannon, which is always a possibility with Trump.

Breitbart announced Tuesday that Bannon would step down as executive chairman of the conservative news site.

However, before the loss in Alabama and his indelible contributions to Fire and Fury, a rift was already growing between Bannon and his major allies within the Republican establishment such as hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. Many were outraged that Bannon questioned President Trump's mental fitness and disparaged his elder son, Donald Trump Jr., calling his actions "treasonous". And Trump was eager and happy to have someone who supplied him with ideas that, most importantly, grabbed the public's attention and kept him in the limelight on his way to an unexpected election victory.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Thomson Reuters

"The White House has been on a concerted attack on me since this book came out ... a totally incompetent attack, which so far has found a few typos and turned this book into the best-selling book in the world". But it is the on-the-record quotes Mr. Wolff attributes to Mr. Bannon that really led to the catfight Politico has described as "perhaps the most vicious falling out between a president and a former aide in modern history".

"The Presidency that we fought for and won is over", Mr. Bannon declared as he left the White House. Washington, Colorado and Minnesota already restrict injured-worker payments for the surgery, officials said, but the OH policy, which went into effect January 1, goes further by embedding an opioid warning specifically into its surgical restriction. Then began the setbacks.

In what was seen as an attempt to show Trump is mentally fit and in command, the president had kept a pool of reporters, including a TV camera, inside of a meeting he had on Tuesday with US lawmakers on immigration. On his part, Mr. Trump, too, does not rule out a future association with Mr. Bannon.

Having said that, it is of course true that Steve Bannon was arguably more influential in shaping the president's broader political agenda and views than most other non-family members. "You never know, you know again, the word - I don't know what the word permanent means, OK?"

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