BMW set insane drift world record

BMW M5 smashes world record for longest drift

BMW set insane drift world record

The record was achieved by BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz, who went around the skid pad, which was kept damp to facilitate the lengthy drift, at the BMW Performance Centre in SC. Instead of fitting Schwartz' M5 with a great big fuel tank, BMW decided it would be infinitely cooler to have a second M5 drift alongside Schwartz and refuel it on the move.

BMW USA released a couple of videos showing the record-setting run, as well as a behind-the-scenes look into the risks mid-drift refuelling brings. Interestingly, in addition to completing the longest vehicle drift, the Bavarian carmaker broke another world record for the world's longest "Twin-Vehicle Drift" (water-assisted), with two BMW M5s drifting 79.26 km (49.25 miles) over the course of an hour. Since then, Schwartz's record was broken twice - officially in 2013, then 2014.

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It all paid off in the end though, with five successful refuels giving Schwartz enough juice to drift for a solid eight hours. So, this was all about making it more interesting. As Mullins matched Schwartz's drift, Detroit Speed's Matt Butts, who was suspended via a safety tether from the second vehicle's rear window, was able to straddle the space between both moving vehicles and successfully complete the fueling. "We're excited to have played a part in Johan and BMW recapturing this record".

BMW USA posted a video Sunday that highlights the daring lengths that the German automaker will go to in the hopes of setting the Guinness World Record for the longest-length drift in eight hours on January 9.

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