CES 2018: Vivo unveiled first smartphone with in-display fingerprint scanner

And so it is: Vivo has just unveiled the first commercial phone in the world to feature a fingerprint scanner under the display. The phone itself sports really thin bezels, and chances are that Synaptics actually partnered up with Vivo in order to show off its in-display fingerprint scanner, and Vivo created a phone for them, though it's still unclear what is the phone's name.

Long story short, Vivo issued a press release today, basically announcing the phone, and confirming the existence of the in-display fingerprint scanner on it.

The Verge, which was able to go hands-on with the Vivo's in-display fingerprint sensor, reported that the process of setting up a fingerprint and using it unlock the device is the same as with conventional sensors. This fingerprint sensor only requires one touch to access the smartphone. The taller display has also resulted in the end of the physical home button on the front of the device, where the fingerprint scanner was typically placed.

At the time when Face recognition technology is replacing the fingerprint sensor, Vivo wants to revolutionize the fingerprint sensor again.

Possible reports point out that Vivo finally showcases the next-gen. biometric scanning technology implemented in Vivo smartphone and has been developed by Synaptics.

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The recent fingerprint scanning technology aims to offer users a better and a more convenient way in terms of fingerprint authentication experiences.

According to the senior VP at Vivo (Alex Feng), the device will provide a more comfortable authentication experience and it will be officially announced early 2018.

Vivo may be the first to deliver this feature but the coming months are certain to see other OEMs follow suit, with Chinese brands like Leagoo and Doogee also said to have similar offerings in the works. A fingerprint scanner under the display has not yet launched in any commercially available smartphone.

Vivo had showcased the concept device of the inbuilt smartphone fingerprint sensor under display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Shanghai a year ago.

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