Ed Royce won't seek re-election

Ed Royce chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced that he won't run a campaign for re-election in November

Ed Royce won't seek re-election

Royce won reelection by 14 points even though Clinton carried his district by almost 9 points, compared to Issa's razor-thin margin. Residents in his district face a tax increase because of the limitation of state and local tax deductions.

Democrats think they can flip control of as many as four House seats that are all or partly within the county, including the seats held by Royce and Issa. Col. Doug Applegate. In the 2016 presidential race, the 49th Congressional District, where Issa serves, also voted for Hillary Clinton by seven percentage points.

Issa, 64, became the 32nd House Republican to announce that they will not seek re-election in November, not counting those who left the House early previous year.

First elected in 2000, Issa's retirement ends the career of a figure who rose to prominence during former President Barack Obama's tenure, after he took the helm of the House oversight committee following the GOP wave of 2010.

Democrats had made defeating Issa one of their top priorities in the midterm elections.

Doing so might have strengthened Democrats' hand as they tried to wrangle some power from Republicans, since historically, the House has not seated delegates whose races are subject to a recount. While Democrats fight with each other, Republicans will focus on fighting Democrats - and that's how we plan to win. With Democrats needing just two more seats to make of NY the majority leader, GOP Sens. of Arizona and of Tennessee have stepped away from the fight.

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Meanwhile a Republican has jumped into the 39th race as former Assemblywoman Young Kim shoots for the 39th District seat and has already garnered an endorsement from the retiring Royce. Chavez previous year worked with Democrats on climate change legislation, irking the party's base, and has pushed back against Republicans looking to take a hard line on immigration.

State Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel said his wife, Michelle Steel, had been taking a steady stream of calls from officials in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., on a possible bid herself.

"I have conceded because I do not see any legal pathways forward and I want representation for the 94th district today". Democrats have sought guarantees from Republicans that they would not stack the legislative committees.

Trump, who spoke frequently about improving infrastructure in the United States during his 2016 election campaign, earlier on Tuesday in a separate meeting on immigration policy stated his desire to see an infrastructure package passed quickly.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-California, presides over a markup of a bill to expand sanctions against Iran with respect to its ballistic missile program, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Oct. 12, 2017.

Democrats need to gain 24 seats to control the House, and the president's party has lost an average of about 30 seats in midterm elections, with notable exceptions caused by extraordinary events.

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