Hands On with MicroLED TVs, Samsung's Biggest Innovation

Hands On with MicroLED TVs, Samsung's Biggest Innovation

Hands On with MicroLED TVs, Samsung's Biggest Innovation

AN ENORMOUS television you can piece together like a jigsaw puzzle to cover an entire wall is among the futuristic screen technology revealed in the lead-up to the world's biggest technology show.

Samsung also featured the world's first QLED TV featuring 8K AI technology, which will be launched internationally, starting with Korea and the U.S. during the second half of 2018.

Samsung's fantastic solution is to combine microLEDs (or mLEDs) and modular screen units which are more than ready for 8K and allowing consumers to buy as many modular units as its wall - and credit card - can manage. You can check out our deeper dive into MicroLED versus OLED TV, but the short version of the story is that, because MicroLED is not organic like OLED, it doesn't suffer any of OLED's pitfalls, including limited brightness and potential burn-in under extreme watching conditions.

Unfortunately, Samsung gave few clues to pricing, or availability. Other than that, we really don't have a feel for how insane this TV really is so stay tuned for more.

Furthermore, viewers don't need backlight or color filters to enjoy the ultra-offerings of the MicroLED technology. But you probably don't. They form a big, moving picture you can recognize from across the street, but when you get up close you can see each cluster of LED "bulbs" brightening and dimming to form the picture. So essentially, The Wall can increase in size up to 146-inches, although the company didn't specify exactly how small you can make it. The 146-inch TV will still probably cost as much as a modest auto, but it will be available for purchase at some point this year.

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"Samsung also showed off two TVs that are more likely to go on sale this year: "85" and 65" models with an "8K" resolution (7680 x 4320).

The lack of native 8K content is another issue to deal, and Samsung has a unique solution for that too in the form of an AI chip that the TVs come equipped with.

But it is the new 8K-capable Q9S that also has my attention, which isn't quite as big as LG's impressive 88-inch 4K OLED in terms of size, but with its 85-inch panel at 8K, I'd take the 7680x4320 resolution of 3840x2160.

Don't fret about these 8K TV, though. Combined into the full 146-inch display, the panels offer full 4k resolution. 8K video is still a largely theoretical format with no significant studio, distributor, or manufacturer adoption for consumer use.

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