Intel CEO addresses chip concerns at CES

Intel CEO talks about Spectres meltdowns drones and cars

Intel CEO addresses chip concerns at CES

Intel Corporation's 49-qubit quantum computing test chip, code-named "Tangle Lake", is unveiled at 2018 CES in Las Vegas.

A first 49-qubit prototype. However, much of the focus of his talk was on strides Intel is making in the areas of quantum and neuromorphic computing, emerging technologies that hold the promise of new generations of computers that will be able to run highly complex workloads significantly more quickly than modern supercomputers.

Off the bat, let's be clear: quantum computing is still quite theoretical, and it's estimated that we'll need to over a million qubits to have something viable.

During his keynote speech yesterday Krzanich also discussed some details surrounding Intel's new automated driving platform. In the past, we have told you about the company's brain-like Loihi chip. The neuromorphic chip is now fully functional and is apparently already performing simple object recognition in the labs.

Intel is additionally extending this volumetric technology to content creation such as movies, where viewers can "be the actor". The data collected will create maps that will inform other autonomous driving systems along with building a foundation for real-time driving data.

Now some lawmakers are questioning a large stock sale by the company's chief executive late past year that was made before the news was made public, sending the company's stock price down.

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The company also signed new partnerships with Chinese automaker SAIC Motor and digital mapping company NavInfo to collect the same data within the Chinese market.

The vehicle includes 12 cameras, radars, laser scanners and computing technologies developed by Mobileye and Intel, according to a CNBC report.

The companies had planned to announce the problem and their fixes on January 9, but news of the security flaws leaked earlier. Previously, a spokesperson said that they were pre-planned and unrelated to the discovery of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws - although Google shared news about them in June, and the sale was only arranged in October.

"With Intel's help, we'll be taking advantage of the latest creative and technological tools to put our audiences literally inside the movie experience and give them a vision of the future of entertainment like never before". Data is going to redefine how we experience life. The Intel Flight Control Technology used in the Volocopter is based on the intelligence found in the Intel Falcon 8+ drone used for inspection, surveying and mapping.

Looking at AI's future, Krzanich announced a partnership with Ferrari North America to use Intel's AI technologies to apply data from the racetrack to enhance the experience for fans and drivers. According to Krzanich data will have a transformative effect across sectors and the world generally. Intel CEO said Monday the technology would also be used to capture sporting events at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County, South Korea, which will take place in February. This marks the first-ever live virtual reality broadcast of the Olympic Winter Games and will be available in the USA via a forthcoming NBC Sports VR app.

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