Israel detained 3617 Palestinians in 2017

Gaza City's skyline is seen engulfed in dust as a storm hits the region

Gaza City's skyline is seen engulfed in dust as a storm hits the region

According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations (OCHA), the injuries inflicted on the Palestinians by the occupation forces since December 6 - after Trump named Jerusalem the capital of Israel - constitute approximately 56 percent of all those registered during 2017.

No injuries were reported on either side of the fence dividing the Gaza Strip from Israel. The video also cited Hamas's crackdown on militant groups in the Gaza Strip as reason to attack it.

"Their struggle changed from jihad to dismiss the Zionists in the land of Muslims to a struggle for the control of Gaza", the Arabic-speaking narrator says in the video that surfaced Wednesday on the social media site Telegram.

"In the video, the man accused of collaborating with Hamas" military wing is executed'.

"What perpetuates the refugee crisis is the failure of the parties to deal with the issue".

The enmity between IS and Hamas is not new.

UNRWA was set up in 1949, following the establishment of the state of Israel. It has accused Hamas of trying to moderate itself to work with the US -backed Palestinian faction Fatah, in order to appeal to the West. This is looking as a clear violation of worldwide law and of existing peace agreements between the two contending parties, Israel and Palestine.

Hamas in the past has publicly announced it was receiving weapons and money from Tehran.

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Just a month ago past year, President Trump infuriated Muslims all over the Middle East led by the Palestinians when he announced that the USA government would move their embassy from Tel Aviv to the newly proposed capital of Jerusalem.

In the past, Trump has expressed support for the Taylor Force Act, a bill that would see USA aid to the PA slashed if it continued its "pay-for-slay" policy of rewarding terrorists and their families with stipends for the murder of Israelis.

"There are imperatives and requirements for peace, and unilaterally President Trump destroyed them", Ashrawi said.

So why is ISIS going to war against Hamas?

"Life is really hard in Gaza nowadays".

Gaza's two million residents have been subjected to a decade-long blockade by Israel. Around 15 to 20 megawatts come from Egypt, but the supply is not stable due to security in the Egypt's Sinai peninsula.

'It also fights supporters of the Islamic State in Gaza and the Sinai and prevents the migration of these supporters from Gaza to the Sinai'.

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