James Franco Accused of 'Sexually Exploitative Behavior' by Multiple Women

FILE James Franco

FILE James Franco

"Said too much. Nite love ya", Sheedy wrote.

Through his attorney Michael Plonsker, Franco has denied all of the allegations. "I have to do that to maintain my well being".

Tither-Kaplan also told the Times that anyone who balked or said no to the actor's demands was quickly removed from participating in Franco's productions. "But one of the things I've learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had".

He added: "The point is to listen".

"I wanted to ask you about some criticism you got on Golden Globes night, because you were wearing a Time's Up pin, in support of the Time's Up movement, which has been created by many powerful women in Hollywood to say that time is up for the abuse and misuse of women, both sexually and otherwise, not only in Hollywood but around the country".

Tither-Kaplan, 26, the student who called his Globes appearance a "slap in the face", worked on several of Franco's projects, signing nudity agreements for each one.

During a shoot for what at least one student had reportedly been told was an "art film", two women alleged, Franco became angry when actresses declined to take their shirts off. Franco stressed that listening to those who come forward is important - even if he denied these specific claims against him.

Two other student actresses also opened up about their negative encounter with the actor.

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Katie Ryan, another former student, said Franco "would always make everybody think there were possible roles on the table if we were to perform sexual acts or take off our shirts". "I've heard about them", he said. "Our instructors were excellent, student feedback was positive and this recent tweet from a former student is very inconsistent with the mission of the school and we are investigating this matter".

The Times report comes days after Franco won a best actor Golden Globe for his work in The Disaster Artist.

The accusations started when The Breakfast Club star, Ally Sheedy, suggested James Franco was the reason she left the entertainment industry. Though they continued to have a consensual sexual relationship, she says she would have handled the vehicle encounter differently: "The power dynamic was really off".

In a statement provided by Franco's publicist, Robin Baum, Cynthia Huffman, casting director of "The Long Home" said Tither-Kaplan's description of the orgy scene was inaccurate. Five of Paley's friends confirmed to the paper that she had recounted this story to them. After asking if she had a boyfriend and whether or not she was 18, Franco proceeded to ask her the name of her hotel and if she rented a room there, despite learning that she was under 18.

Paley emailed Franco after the Weinstein allegations and expressed "anger and sadness over his treatment of her". They had a lot to say.

Violet Paley, 23, met Franco in early 2016 and entered into a consensual relationship with him.

He - or his character - then describes how an "okay-looking" girl approached him in Toronto and asked him for a picture, which he then got her to email, just as he described. At the time, he responded by posting "I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME", on Instagram.

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