Jeff Bezos is the richest person in history

Bezos Richest Man

Companies Jeff Bezos Swipes Title as Richest Man in the World

As of Tuesday morning, Gates' net worth, according to Bloomberg, is around $93.3 billion, with Warren Buffett coming in third at $87.2 billion.

Jeff Bezos's net worth reached $105.1 billion Monday on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as Inc. shares added to a 12-month surge that's lifted the online shopping giant's market value by nearly 57 percent. Forbes, another media conglomerate who tracks the net worths of the world's richest, estimated that Bezos's fortune is at $104.4 billion, which is almost parallel with Bloomberg's projections.

Bezos and Gates have been fighting for the top spot for a while; Bezos was briefly the richest man in the world in July, before his share prices dropped a few hours later.

Gates net worth would have been far more if he had not given out nearly 700 million shares of Microsoft, worth $61.8 billion at today's value, as well as $2.9 billion in cash to charity since 1996.

Bezos Richest Man
Companies Jeff Bezos Swipes Title as Richest Man in the World

Bezos also holds shares in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, a privately-owned space travel business he eventually intends to take willing tourists to space.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO's, is now the richest person of all time, eclipsing the record previously held by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. If adjusted for inflation, that cumulative total would now be over $144 billion in 2018.

As CNN highlights, Gates would be worth far more than Bezos if it weren't for his significant charitable donations. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Zara's co-founder Amancio Ortega Gaona come in fourth and fifth, with $77.5 billion and $76 billion, respectively.

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