Louisiana ACLU speaks out on arrest at School Board meeting

Teacher handcuffed by police for criticizing pay rise at school meeting

Louisiana ACLU speaks out on arrest at School Board meeting

A teacher in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, was escorted out of a school board meeting by a city marshal, handcuffed and arrested after speaking out against a pay raise for the district's superintendent.

"I have a serious issue with a superintendent or any person of leadership getting any type of raise", Hargrave said during the meeting. After being called on a second time, a city marshal stepped in.

"You're gonna leave, or I'm gonna remove you", the officer said to Hargrave, before leading her from the meeting room under the protest of other teachers in attendance.

She continued, "When I first started teaching there was like 20 kids in a class and now there are 29 kids in a class, and we have not have been given raises".

Hargrave received a warning from the board that it was public comment only, not a question and answer session, according to KATC.

A Louisiana teacher who was forcibly removed from a school board hearing in a viral video clip was booked on two crimes and bonded out of jail Tuesday morning, court documents show.

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But once a city marshal got her out into a hallway, he started roughing her up as he slapped on the silver bracelets.

Hargrave also expressed frustration that "performance goals" were cited as the reason for the raise when teachers are responsible for helping the school system reach those goals.

The video continues with the officer holding Hargrave next to a police vehicle and threatening those standing nearby, "Somebody else about to get arrested ... public intimidation".

The Louisiana Association of Educators who is representing Hargrave released the following statement on the incident denouncing the treatment Hargrave experienced.

"I personally apologize for the Vermilion Parish School Board", she said, adding, "This is a sad day for Vermilion Parish".

While the board members did recognize it was the teacher's turn to speak, it's unclear if they called the marshal into the room to cut her off or if the officer acted on his own. The school district and other authorities have not commented about her arrest since Monday night.

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