Louisiana teacher handcuffed after speaking out at school board meeting

Louisiana teacher handcuffed after speaking out at school board meeting

Louisiana teacher handcuffed after speaking out at school board meeting

Hargrave's arrest came Monday at a public school board meeting, where the board approved by a 5-3 vote a $30,000 salary increase for Superintendent Jerome Puyau.

Join teachers, education support professionals, parents, students, and public education supporters from around our state in saying: Every educator must be able to speak out without fear or retaliation on the issues that matter to educators, their students, and their communities.

Earlier, Hargrave told The Associated Press she believes Vermilion Parish School Board President Anthony Fontana should resign.

Video taken during the meeting shows Hargrave calling the raise a "slap in the face" to educators who haven't seen a raise in almost a decade.

The American Civil Liberties Union and her teachers union are investigating the case.

Deyshia Hargrave, a teacher in the Vermilion Parish School System, asked questions regarding the board's consideration of a $38,000 raise for the superintendent of the school system. Videos show her complying with an officer's orders to leave just before she was handcuffed.

The school board president then banged his gavel and said her question was irrelevant.

Reggie Hilts, now a marshal in Abbeville, was a police officer in the city of Scott when the incident occurred.

Hargrave returned to the classroom on Wednesday after the local prosecutor said he wouldn't pursue charges against the teacher. In today's America, however, Rockwell, witnessing the fate of Louisiana teacher Deyshia Hargrave, might be driven to adopt more the style of Francisco Goya or Hieronymus Bosch.

Puyau, speaking to NBC News in an interview that aired Wednesday night, said he deserved a raise because the school district ranked 6th in performance in Louisiana, though his pay ranked 57th.

Louisiana teacher handcuffed after speaking out at school board meeting
Louisiana teacher handcuffed after speaking out at school board meeting

"I don't support our people getting arrested". "However, a person has to follow the rules". It's what you want to hear and it's the truth. "I should have stood up [and said, ] 'Let her speak'".

"He's a very good guy, he's a pastor, respectable citizen here, and is well-respected in the community", Puyau told the AP.

A Louisiana school board's offices were temporarily locked down amid death threats from across the world in response to widely viewed video of a teacher screaming while being handcuffed at a school board meeting. For those threats against them, more people were hurt. "It is not fair to our family", he said emotionally.

Hargrave hopes her arrest can help make a difference for Louisiana teachers by bringing to light the difficulties they face.

Supporters of Hargrave planned an afternoon rally Thursday as reaction to her ejection from the Vermilion Parish School meeting - and her subsequent arrest and manhandling in a hallway outside the meeting room - continued.

"I feel like as a teacher I have a vested interest in what happens to our students and how best to help them".

Responding to the marshal, the teacher said, "I'm am not!"

She thanked them for the correction with a laughing-so-hard-I'm-crying emoji. The arrest of middle school educator and LAE and NEA member Deyshia Hargrave is a chilling infringement on her rights but educators will not be silenced.

"We are all stakeholders who not only have the right to speak up for our students, but we also have a duty to do so", Suzanne Breaux, president of the Vermilion Association of Educators, said at the rally on Thursday.

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