Major blaze at recycling plant near Dublin Airport

Residents were warned to keep windows closed

Residents were warned to keep windows closed

A large fire at a auto recycling plant in north Dublin has been brough under control, Dublin fire Brigade said.

DFB said it also has its aerial drone unit at the scene to "help direct firefighting resources", and a fire officer said he expects the blaze to be brought under control shortly.

According to the report, the fire broke out at about 9:00 a.m. local time at a vehicle recycling plant located very close to Dublin Airport. It is understood the plant is a family run business that recycles end-of-life cars and scrap metal.

The fire brigade had to source an increased water supply from the county council to tackle the inferno.

Eight fire units, including an aerial ladder and a foam unit attended the incident.

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But people with breathing difficulties are being advised to avoid the area until the remainder of the smoke plume is gone.

Photographs posted on the Twitter account showed a large plume of smoke from the blaze blowing across open fields.

Residents are being urged to keep windows and doors closed.

AA Roadwatch are advising motorists to drive with care, as the smoke may be affecting visibility on St Margaret's Road.

Dublin Airport have moved to reassure travelling passengers that the blaze will not impact any departures.

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