Men who take ibuprofen are at risk for fertility problems, study says

Ibuprofen Might Cause Male Infertility Study Shows			 0					By		Denis Bedoya

Ibuprofen Might Cause Male Infertility Study Shows 0 By Denis Bedoya

(Longer term, lower testosterone would affect this, too.) A few other groups of genes involved in different testicular processes were also unaffected.

Aspirin, the best-selling NSAID on the US market, was initially linked to stomach problems but was thought to be otherwise safe. Sold under the brand names Advil or Motrin, ibuprofen is a member of the class of drugs known as NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

This resulted in hypogonadism, which is associated with infertility and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart failure.

They found that among 31 male volunteers ages 18 to 35, those taking ibuprofen saw a drop in their luteinizing hormones.

After six weeks, the men who took ibuprofen had disrupted production of their male sex hormones, which led to a condition called "compensated hypogonadism". The study reports that the condition is "associated with adverse reproductive and physical health disorders". This is more common in older men than younger ones. As this happened, the ratio of testosterone to luteinizing hormones decreased.

Several experts have reacted to the study findings.

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They revealed that levels of luteinising hormones, which trigger testosterone production, increased during the study. So it's not much cause for concern for the occasional user (even high doses over a week-ling time frame would likely not lead to permanent hormonal changes, according to the study authors). Otherwise, occasional use at the recommended dosage to treat aches and pains is safe and recommended.

Previous research by the team, which focused on pregnant women, had found that the use of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen during pregnancy affected the testicles of male babies.

"However, this is now speculative".

While it is certain that the hormonal effects in the study participants who used ibuprofen for only a short time are reversible, as CBS reported, it's unknown whether this is also true after long-term ibuprofen use, study co-author Bernard Jegou, director of the Institute of Research in Environmental and Occupational Health in France, told CNN. A new study says the well-known painkiller could cause fertility issues in males.

The widely-used over-the-counter painkiller ibuprofen may pose a threat to male fertility, suggests a small new study.

"Long-term use of ibuprofen has other negative effects on overall health so people should only be taking it over a period of weeks, months or years if a doctor has prescribed it".

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