Mueller seeking to interview Trump in Russian interference probe

Mueller seeking to interview Trump in Russian interference probe

Mueller seeking to interview Trump in Russian interference probe

For all of Trump's boasting that he's done everything right (100 percent!) and his lawyer's ludicrous assertions that a president can not commit obstruction of justice, the prospect for Trump to be interviewed under oath presents the greatest risk to his presidency yet. I imagine the Trump legal team is putting this story out there in an attempt to show that the president is "cooperating" with the investigation.

In all the reporting about Mueller's interest in interviewing Trump, there's an unease among the sources, all of whom are nearly certainly lawyers, in the very thought of Trump being alone in a room with Mueller.

Trump's personal lawyers declined comment but sources say they are anxious about Trump's penchant for exaggeration or misinformation that could come out in a face to face sit down with Mueller. And this is a country that I don't want looking foolish. "But I don't represent the president of the United States, and presidents don't want to plead the Fifth". "Prosecutors are interested in a subject's responses to detailed lines of questioning without the opportunity to have lawyers carefully craft their client's answer". Because it's easier to get under Trump's skin that it was to get under Colonel Nathan Jessup's skin. He will not be able to help himself from exaggerating.

The Washington Post and NBC News reported Mr Trump's lawyers are talking to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a possible interview. Imagine how things could go when Mueller queries him with the benefit of evidence acquired from document requests (e.g., the original draft of the memo firing Comey) and testimony taken under oath from others. They can tell him that he's not supposed to answer any question he doesn't want to. He got VISIBLY TIRED debating Hillary Clinton on television.

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As for those delicately-balanced elections themselves, the question for Trump and GOP strategists is the extent to which he should campaign.

They are also buoyed by polls that still suggest Trump's victory in getting his flagship tax reform bill through just before Christmas isn't playing well, with many GOP voters seeing it as only a short-term benefit for middle-income and poorer families and a much bigger boost for Corporate America and wealthy individuals like the president and his family.

Mueller already knows a lot. "And it's not going to look foolish as long as I'm here". If Trump refuses to testify without invoking the Fifth, Mueller would have the option to subpoena him to testify in front of the grand jury, where his lawyer would not be present.

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