Next-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class leaked ahead of debut

Next-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class leaked ahead of debut

Next-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class leaked ahead of debut

That concept version of the G-Class wore a Mercedes-Maybach badge, though, suggesting the German luxury brand is keen to push its most utilitarian luxury auto as far up the upmarket mountain as it can.

So, there's now an independent suspension with double-wishbone front axle, in combination with a rigid rear axle and a strut brace. Four longitudinal control arms on each side of the rear axle, meanwhile, along with a Panhard rod help with tracking.

Confirmed so far, Mercedes says the new model will offer 241mm of ground clearance, an approach angle of 31 degrees and departure angle of 30 degrees, with 85mm of front spring travel and 82mm of rear spring travel. Read about the interior of the new G-Class here. Interestingly, AMG played a role in developing the new G's suspension, and it's been designed for even better off-road performance than before. Maximum fording depth jumps from 24 inches to 27.6. The transfer case's gear ratio is now 2.93, significantly shorter than the old model's 2.1; Mercedes says you'll notice that when pulling away on extreme gradients, and it'll also sell you 18-inch all-terrain tires as an option.

However, the SUV has actually been widened by 10 centimetres in order to make its cabin roomier, as we discovered during a recent sneak preview of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class in Germany.

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Next-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Class leaked ahead of debut

The new G-Class also features G-Mode which works independently of the chosen drive mode and activates whenever one or all three differential locks are activated, or low range has been engaged. Its nine-speed automatic routes power to all four wheels permanently, with a standard split of 40 percent torque to the front and 60 percent to the rear.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed some preliminary details of the next-gen, 2019 G-Class SUV, while also handing out some teaser images showing prototypes being put to the test off road. There's a 360-degree camera system that displays in high resolution on the infotainment screen, with dynamic guide lines offering an idea of whether or not you can fit that upcoming gap.

Despite the subtle changes, Mercedes-Benz claimed that the G-Class is still capable off the beaten path.

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