Nintendo Switch Is (Allegedly) Hacked For Good

Since the launch of the console in March Nintendo has shipped over 10 million units worldwide, according to Nintendo's internal sales figures.

After Nintendo Switch, the house of Kyoto will probably not release a new console anytime soon, but a leak coming out from a Reddit user through a not so true-looking magazine shows that Nintendo still has some space to build a Switch DS.

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Nintendo classics like Mario and Zelda have helped the Nintendo Switch to sell so quickly. Nintendo expected the Switch to sell only 8 million Switch units in Nintendo Switch's first facial year April 2017 through March 2018. The hybrid console is already expected to sell 4 million units at the beginning of the year with many consumers unable to buy the Switch last year due to extremely high demand. With so much technology taking a move towards mobile devices, Nintendo knew that they had to embrace this movement. It really is up to the console that has the best features.

On top of continued third-party support from the likes of Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft and more, Nintendo also has a pretty impressive slate of first-party titles lined up. with 18 more reveals rumoured to come later in January. It seems now that the portability of the Nintendo Switch is winning over other competitors. "This is *the* solution for opening up CFW (Custom FirmWare) on the Nintendo Switch", said Team-Xecuter on their blog. Fortunately for Nintendo, those people were completely wrong and the Nintendo Switch did very well. As long as Nintendo continues to appeal to their target market of gamers, the sky is the limit.

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