On computers running Windows 10 will appear voice assistant Amazon Alexa

On computers running Windows 10 will appear voice assistant Amazon Alexa

On computers running Windows 10 will appear voice assistant Amazon Alexa

The company still does not offer Apple CarPlay or Android Auto integration to its touchscreens, despite almost every other major automaker already offering it. The new kit enables manufacturers to integrate on hardware such as hearables, headphones, smartwatches, and fitness devices among others.

If we look back, it's clear that this device from Vuzix represents the vision Amazon had for Alexa when the company first opened up the voice assistant technology to outsiders.

Alexa is Amazon's intelligent virtual assistant, similar to Siri or Cortana, which can interact with users via voice, make lists, set alarms, provide news and weather information, as well as control smart devices connected via the internet. The new computers, with Alexa installed, will begin hitting the market in the first quarter of 2018. The latest development is a lightweight solution of the AVS Device SDK that the company launched past year to let OEMs start integrating Alexa into their Bluetooth-supported connected devices.

Vuzix's Blade AR glasses feel like an improved version of Google Glass with better picture quality. The $1,000 AR glasses will be released later this year aimed at enterprise users and early adopters. This is expected to happen sometime in 2019.

"We have all seen how Alexa has transformed interaction in homes, but in today's world, we are constantly on the go".

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Launched with speaker family back in 2014, Alexa is now taking on Google Assistant with its recent debut in the market of smartphones.

What is more exciting to hear is that Amazon has expressed its intentions to extend the Alexa technology to wearables and fitness devices and beyond.

The partnership will bring to life Amazon's plans to expand its speech platform beyond one's home.

The competition to build software people can manage with their voice is one of the hottest topics in consumer technology, drawing, in addition to Amazon and Google, the attention of giants like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. But both the companies their developments.

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