Richie Incognito Accused of Using Racial Slurs in Game

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito

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Highlights of the Jacksonville Jaguars up against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Wild Card play-off.

Ngakoue said on Twitter Sunday night that a Bills player wearing No. 64 was "goin [g to] have come harder than some weak racist slurs".

He was suspended for the majority of the 2013 season by the Miami Dolphins for his treatment of teammate Jonathan Martin.

An NFL spokesperson told Pro Football Talk the league is looking into the situation.

Ngakoue ended his tweet with #Iaintjonathanmartin!

Ngakoue, whose father is a native of Cameroon and his mother is from the West Indies, said Incognito insulted his ethnicity. "I was rushing the passer and words were said, so I felt like I had to say it".

"(Incognito) said what he said yesterday, and like I said before, we had a great team win yesterday and I said what I needed to say yesterday", Mike Kaye of Jacksonville NBC affiliate WTLV quoted Ngakoue as saying.

"All you can do is walk away", Ngakoue said. "I had to focus on the game, I had to focus on winning".

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"He said what he said yesterday".

I'm not going to create a laundry list of Incognito's greatest hits, at least not for now.

Said center Eric Wood, via 13WHAM ABC and Fox Rochester sports anchor Toby Motyka on Twitter: "It was chippy out there but I didn't hear anything".

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"I think they were really trying to get us to lose our cool and try to get penalties", Campbell said.

Were the comments re-occuring during the game? Guys who were inches apart quickly are yards apart, and they are otherwise a bit too distracted to be listening to whatever a teammate may be saying in a scrum with another player in another area of the field. Incognito was accused of using racial slurs in threatening texts and voice mail messages to Martin. He said he didn't know if his Jaguars' teammates heard Incognito's alleged comments. "And if he did, (you) best believe I would've been one of the first people to basically check him on it because there's races. That's why we have this platform to use to try to help bring change".

"There (were) 22 players on the field yesterday, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who heard (smack talk)". Regardless of whether Incognito made racially inappropriate remarks in other games, Ngakoue has a name that is conducive to a racist bully deliberately mispronouncing it in order to simulate a slur. "You hear all type of stuff", Ngakoue added.

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