Roseanne Barr thinks she'd be a better president than Oprah, Trump

Roseanne Barr thinks she'd be a better president than Oprah, Trump

Roseanne Barr thinks she'd be a better president than Oprah, Trump

Roseanne better be careful, in this political climate, one serious controversy could get the reboot pulled from programming!

The March revival of hit 1990s television comedy "Roseanne" will show how a politically divided, working-class American family grapples with daily life and challenges after the election of US President Donald Trump, the show's stars said on Monday. The real Roseanne is often a vocal supporter of President Trump on social media, and uses her wit and sharp tongue in debate with those who disagree.

Barr asked Bruce Helford, an executive producer, to talk about why Roseanne Conner is shown in the new show to be a Trump voter.

She also claimed that she would be a better president than both Oprah Winfrey and Susan Sarandon, and maybe even better than Trump himself. "But I didn't want it to overshadow the show, so I'm taking a little bit of a break". And especially about polarization in the family, and people actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American.

Though one of the writers of the Roseanne revival tried to jump in, Barr, at one point said, "Speaking of racism, I'm just going to say it".

The entire cast of Roseanne, including John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and Laurie Metcalf, were reportedly at the TCA panel this past week, which took place in California to promote the returning series.

Moments like these make it hard to believe that Roseanne Conner would be taken in by someone like Trump-"working class" background or not.

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Comedy veteran Barr, who made her own White House bid in 2012 as the Peace and Freedom Party's nominee, also said Monday that she would likely be a superior commander in chief than the current president.

Do you think that politics are going to play a role in the ratings for the new Roseanne?

"I'm not a Trump apologist", she said.

"Well, that's your opinion", Barr replied to the reporter, adding that Trump says "a lot of insane (expletive)".

"I always wanted a tenth year to complete what I did in the first nine", she said, saying she's open to continuing beyond the nine-episode season. Goodman's Dan Conner died in the finale, to be explained through Roseanne's dreams and writing.

"A big part of why I couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton is because of Haiti..." On some level, everybody involved realizes that this could work in the show's favor - so long as Barr herself can stay on message.

"My children took my Twitter password away from me, which is kind of disturbing because so much is going on this week", the grandmother of six said.

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