Trump adviser said escorted by security from CNN after blow-out book interview

Arden Farhi, White House producer for CBS News, reported on the removal Sunday based on information from a CNN source.

The White House senior adviser Stephen Miller told CNN's Jake Tapper he was "offended" when Tapper cut him off the air after a contentious interview on Sunday.

"I'm sure he's watching", Tapper retorted, "and he's happy that you said that".

Carlson, however, did reference a video which is known to exist of Miller and Tapper sparring after the segment ended during the commercial break, partial transcripts of which were leaked online Monday. The reporter said it was based on two sources and an audio recording of the exchange.

During the interview, Miller blasted Michael Wolff's new book about the Trump White House, calling it "grotesque".

Former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon has tried to withdraw his highly damaging comments against Donald Jnr that set Washington alight.

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Speaking with Tapper on Sunday, Miller defended "the kinds of people whose life concerns don't get a lot of attention on CNN".

He dismissed claims made in the book by fired former adviser Steve Bannon as "grotesque" and "so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive" and said that the influence attributed to Bannon had been "greatly exaggerated". At least some Republicans believe Miller is installing policies in a potential immigration bill knowing full well it would not pass in the Senate, where the GOP now has a razor-thin majority, according to the report. "I've covered the White House as you have for many years, I don't remember when a White House has allowed TV cameras in such an unusual meeting".

The White House did not respond to a Free Beacon request for comment. But Bannon and Miller were the closest of allies, and Miller doesn't deny that Bannon helped get him his job with then-candidate Trump.

Defending himself on NBC, the author said he had no anti-Trump agenda when he began the project.

It didn't take long for that interview to go completely off the rails as Stephen Miller refused to, actually, answer any of Jake Tapper's questions. "This is like taking it to a whole new low", Haley said on ABC's "This Week". "Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!" CNN and other networks were creating a "toxic environment", he claimed, while CNN's reporting about Trump's plans to ban travel from certain Muslim countries was "one of the fake news items in the book", part of the network's "anti-Trump, hysterical coverage" and its "spectacularly false reporting".

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