Trump claims Democrats 'want to shut down the government' as deadline looms

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A deal between President Donald Trump and Congress to protect young immigrants from deportation remained distant Tuesday, as House Republicans leaders shifted to a painful backup plan: crafting a stopgap funding bill that would merely delay the threat of an election-year shutdown.

That directly contradicts the thinking of congressional Republicans.

"That being said, it puts us in a good strategic position", Walker said, explaining that extending the CHIP program would cut off a Democratic line of attack that Republicans were denying health care funding for children in low-income families, which had been held up for months.

"CHIP should be part of a long-term solution, not a 30 Day, or short term, extension", Trump tweeted.

Some Republican aides said Trump was trying to be helpful when he posted his comments on Thursday morning.

Unlike in the House, McConnell has to have Democratic votes to pass a spending bill and with some in his own conference like Sen.

That means the odds of a shutdown starting at the end of the day Friday are going down, though not yet approaching zero.

Keep in mind on this: Should House Republicans pass their short-term spending bill, it's a very, very tough vote for Senate Democrats.

On Tuesday, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., - one of those negotiators - told reporters that "we did everything [Trump] asked" in the bipartisan proposal presented to him on Thursday.

"We don't want to shut down the government".

Congressional leaders plan to vote later this week on a month-long spending bill but the ongoing fight over immigration threatens to derail the plan days before the Friday deadline to prevent a government shutdown.

Shuttered national parks and monuments have become a symbol of shutdowns past, and the Trump administration is drawing up plans to keep them open despite the closure as a way to blunt public anger. "Many Republicans are willing to have a DACA fix", he said.

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It was also unclear whether Republicans had the votes in the House to pass a short-term fix since members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus prefer additional defense funding. "Now I'm not saying that they won't have the votes, but as of today, at this particular point, they do not have the votes", Meadows said. His group is pushing for greater defence spending, among other things.

House GOP leaders are cautiously optimistic they can muster the votes for their short-term funding bill released Tuesday night.

White House chief of staff John Kelly criticized the deal that Graham and the rest of the "Gang of Six" came up with, telling reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning that it wasn't bipartisan enough and didn't have sufficient input from the House and Senate. Those are the estimated 3 million young immigrants who were brought to the USA illegally as children.

However, he offered no timetable for when an agreement might be reached. He also insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Nothing productive, according to aides in both parties from both chambers. "If the country shuts down, which very well could be, the budget should be handled a lot differently than it has been handled over the last long period of time, many years".

"And then the next step, as we've discussed in there, Phase 2, might be the larger issue of the 11 million people who have been here for years".

Although the CHIP funding was included as an incentive for Democrats, Ryan probably will have to rely exclusively on Republican votes to get the bill through the House.

"It doesn't provide the necessary protection for the dreamers", said Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer.

Funding for CHIP expired on September 30. Several Democrats are expected to oppose it, "especially those considering a White House run", the Times reports.

Ryan is gambling that enough Democrats in the Senate will go along.

Ryan can count on some moderate Democrats to vote for the stopgap if the only other choice is a shutdown, giving his team a valuable cushion.

A number of centrist Senate Democrats late Tuesday wouldn't say how they might vote and said they're waiting for events to unfold first, including Sens.

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