Trump Says 'Unlikely' He Will Need To Testify In Mueller Probe

Trump Says 'Unlikely' He Will Need To Testify In Mueller Probe

Trump Says 'Unlikely' He Will Need To Testify In Mueller Probe

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has added a cyber security specialist to his team investigating Russia's attempted meddling in the 2016 election, Fox News has confirmed.

A story in the The New York Times in late December said that Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos was approached by a professor connected to the Kremlin in April 2016 with news that Moscow had thousands of damaging emails about Clinton.

US President Donald Trump has said it is "unlikely" he will be interviewed by Robert Mueller, the man investigating possible ties between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian Federation.

Special counsel Robert Mueller's team of investigators probing the 2016 USA presidential race has grown to include Ryan Dickey, a federal prosecutor responsible for investigating several high-profile cybercrime cases. Four former Trump campaign members have already been charged in connection with Mr Mueller's probe, though none of the charges specifically mentioned collusion.

"For 11 months, we've had this phony cloud over this administration", Trump said.

Marcy Wheeler says Congress is poised to give protections from government electronic eavesdropping to criminal suspects, but not to ordinary citizens the government might spy on.

Senate Democrats released an extensive report on Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying that it fit into a almost two-decade pattern of meddling with governments around the world. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., for releasing a transcript that was highly critical of Trump, and he demanded that Republicans "finally take control" of the probes. In October, a White House official indicated that Trump's lawyers were open to having him testify on the matter, even as the White House has continued to dismiss the Mueller investigation as a "hoax". Dianne Feinstein as "sneaky" and slammed her for releasing testimony Tuesday from the August questioning of the co-founder of Fusion GPS, the company that hired the author of the dossier of allegations about Trump and Russian Federation. Chuck Grassley. She is the top Democrat on the panel.

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Trump Jr., the president's son-in-law and senior adviser and former Trump campaign chairman all attended the meeting with the Russian lawyer and lobbyist. "Must have tough Primary!"

The material wasn't classified, and Ms Feinstein said yesterday that she didn't do anything illegal. I don't see a change, though.

No formal request has been made and no date has been set.

"There is collusion, but it's with the Democrats and the Russians, not the Republicans", Trump said. Her staff helped conduct the interview with Simpson, who had also asked for the interview to be released.

"And you know, I guess the collusion now is dead because everyone found that, after a year of study, there's been absolutely no collusion", Trump said.

But again, I'll speak to attorneys.

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