Two Point Hospital is Theme Hospital's spiritual successor. Coming Autumn

Theme Hospital creators announce Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital – we bet Jeremy Hunt has already pre-ordered a copy

You'll not only have to construct the right facilities and hire the right staff to care for patients, but also ensure the place remains presentable and free from rat infestations.

At this time, Two Point Hospital does not have a release date. The gag is that the man's head has turned into a light bulb...get it?

ResetEra have dug up the trademark for Two Point Hospital, which suggests what we're getting could be, could being operative word, a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, which for my money is the finest of all of the Theme games.

Both Mark Webley and Gary Carr gave their thoughts on the announcement of Two Point Hospital.

The new game is being developed by the independent studio Two Point Studios, which was set up by game developers Mark Webley and Gary Carr. A batch of screenshots of Two Point Hospital can be see in the gallery below. Today it was finally confirmed by SEGA. You can pre-register now for a Hospital Pass that will grant players an exclusive in-game item when it launches, as well as exclusive promotions and early access to trailers.

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About Two Point Studios Limited.

Comprised of a team with a resume listing such titles as Theme Hospital, Black and White, Theme Park, and Fable, Two Point Hospital seeks to deliver a mesmerizing gameplay experience filled to the brim with goofy humor, charm, and massive replayability the genre is known for.

Both Two Point Hospital and Project Hospital are slated to hit Steam sometime in 2018.

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