Uber and Volkswagen using Nvidia self-driving tech

Uber and Volkswagen using Nvidia self-driving tech

Uber and Volkswagen using Nvidia self-driving tech

So far, 320 companies involved in self-driving cars - whether software developers, automakers and their suppliers, sensor and mapping companies - are using Nvidia Drive, formerly branded as the Drive PX2, the company said.

Following its push into computing and AI, Nvidia has struck two new major alliances - one with Uber to supply technology for the ride-hailing service's future driver-less vehicle fleet, and another with Volkswagen to create artificial intelligence applications for the German car maker's global auto line.

The announcement was made by Jensen Huang, CEO of the chip-making company at CES technology conference in Las Vegas where he made the keynote speech.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, said at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) technology conference in Las Vegas that Uber's self-driving vehicle fleet was using their technology to help its autonomous cars perceive the world and take precise decisions in a fraction of seconds. Huang and VW's CEO Dr Herbert Diess were on stage together at 2018 CES to discuss how the two companies are partnering to develop vehicle-based artificial intelligence. "Autonomous driving, zero-emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning".

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Lastly, Xavier processors will be part of DRIVE Pegasus (PX) AI platform of Nvidia which comes off from a $2billion investment for expanding processing power and possibilities in the AV industry.

Two Xavier SoCs and two next-gen Nvidia GPUs are used for the new Pegasus AI computing platform announced late a year ago which Nvidia says is capable of powering Level 5 autonomous vehicles. Uber has been using Nvidia's GPU computing technology since its first test fleet of Volvo SC90 SUVS were deployed in 2016 in Pittsburgh and Phoenix.

Nvidia's stock price has more than doubled in the past 12 months.

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