World's Regard For US Leadership Hits Record Low In Gallup Poll

Seven months after former President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term House Republicans with a shove from Sen. Ted Cruz faced down the White House with an ultimatum Sign off on legislation that delays or defunds the Affordable Care Act

World's Regard For US Leadership Hits Record Low In Gallup Poll

Gallup said the ratings "may have implications on USA influence overseas", as its polling shows Germany has replaced the the world's top ranked global power with an approval rating of 41 percent. While tens of millions of Trump supporters cheered his win a year ago, millions of Americans participated in a worldwide women's march the day after his inauguration.

"President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!" he tweeted.

"Trump is a massive talking point in the United Kingdom, he's in our newspapers every day and ultimately when it comes to this particular market people want to see him fall", said Price. "And so if we can have one person do a job instead of six, then we certainly want to do that and save taxpayer dollars". Despite having Republican control of both chambers, Trump signed just one major piece of legislation during his first year in office - a sweeping tax overhaul that passed in December on GOP votes alone. "It is going to be a tremendous thing for the American people".

After successfully shepherding a package of tax cuts and reforms into law last month, Trump's administration has been mired in controversy for much of January thus far.

The survey pegged Trump's approval rating at 39 percent, lower than his three immediate predecessors at the same point in their presidencies.

Passage of the tax bill could help Republicans in this year's congressional elections, where Democrats are favored to make gains, especially in the House of Representatives.

That prompted outrage from several Democrats, including Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, a possible presidential contender in 2020.

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They accuse Trump of making derogatory statements about Haiti and calling some nations "sh*thole countries" while rejecting a bipartisan immigration deal; a term he later denied using.

Regionally, the image of USA leadership suffered most in the Americas, where approval ratings dropped to a new low.

While there is still time for Trump to turn around his presidency, the partisan animosity and wider political challenges he faces means he is still on the back foot.

The global approval rating for US leadership now stands at 30 percent - lower in President Trump's first year in office than it was under former President George W. Bush, according to the Gallup World Poll. The world's approval of U.S. leadership in 2017 dropped 18 percentage points from 2016, the last year of President Barack Obama's Administration, and was four points lower than in 2008, the final year of President George W. Bush's Administration, which had been the previous nadir.

But almost a year into his presidency, and as a potential government shutdown looms, hundreds of key posts in his administration remain vacant - raising questions about whether essential government operations have taken a hit due to the scaling back of what Trump has called a "bloated federal bureaucracy".

President Donald Trump's doctor says he's confident that Trump has a "very strong and a very probable possibility" of completing his presidency "with no medical issues".

But the most lasting and alarming legacy of the first year may be on the worldwide front where the dysfunction in the White House and the devaluing of diversity and basic rights at home are sending the message to the world that the indispensable United States is slipping backward on basic values.

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