Apple delays software features due to bugs

Apple delays software features due to bugs

Apple delays software features due to bugs

Changes that have been postponed reportedly include a revised iPhone home screen design and new options in the Photos app. Apple will instead polish the features which do get included, instead of committing to a massive list of new things so it can keep claiming year-over-year functionality jumps. While TrueDepth and Animojis are now exclusive to the iPhone X, the report indicates that a new iPad model will include the necessary hardware to support the feature. In addition to this, Animoji will also feature an extended update for the iPad as well as FaceTime integration. The risk here is that consumers in a competitive environment won't be satisfied with minor changes and jump ship for something more innovative, but it's a chance Apple will have to take if it wants to hold on to its reputation of superior software.

These features were delayed after Apple concluded it needed its own major upgrade in the way the company develops and introduces new products. Apple is also planning to bring Animoji to FaceTime, allowing you to place them over your face - sort of like the filters and lenses already available in popular social apps, such as Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

An update to the Stocks app, which provides details about stocks and other financial information, is also expected to find its way into iOS 12.

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Early reports of Apple's more conservative approach to furnishing the iOS 12 software update are now being fleshed out. Each new set of features launches as part of a new iOS version, and capabilities are rarely added outside that window.

In recent times, the iPhone owners faced a number of glitches such as not being able to take calls or a bug that caused iPhones to crash previous year.

Apart from this year's iOS 12 update, users will have to wait for iOS 13 in 2019 to expect significant updates for the iPad. The Cupertino-giant always come up with the new admirable feature and fascinating devices but since iOS has been facing issues, the company is looking forward to developing its focus on improving its operating feature rather than introducing new features. Stay tuned for further updates on the upcoming Apple's iPad. If the latest report is anything to consider, Apple is apparently working on a new iPad which will come with inbuilt Face ID. There are also plans to be able to run two instance of an app side-by-side. One can not remember a time when Apple issued this many updates just to fix problems one after the other.

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