BJP Attacks Rahul Gandhi For Visiting Temple After 'Eating Chicken'

Rahul Gandhi in Bidar Karnataka on Tuesday

Rahul Gandhi in Bidar Karnataka on Tuesday

Jewargi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday defended his visits to temples and religious places, asserting that he would continue it.

I like going to temples, wherever I see a religious place I go there. "I feel good and feel happy, and I will continue to go", Gandhi told.

"He is being guided by the RSS on what to do and the approach is to capture institutions", said Gandhi, who is on a four-day tour of the backward districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region to kick-start the Congress assembly election campaign.

The Congress chief alleged that Modi had "personally" changed the Rafale contract during his visit to France and said the prime minister had not answered the three questions posed by him on the deal. On one side is (B S) Yeddyurappa who has been to the jail. "Modiji took away Rafale contract from Bangalore and HAL and gave it to his friend", he said.

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"Why did you take away the contract from HAL?" So don't talk about violence and corruption when you visit Karnataka. Why did you do this to profit your friend? "What was the logic behind it?" Chief Minister Siddharamaiah has backed the plea, but the BJP has been maintaining a studied silence on it.

Accusing Modi of implementing every idea of the RSS, Gandhi said the organisation had been interfering in the administration of the country since the NDA came to power in May 2014. Besides holding public rallies, Rahul Gandhi also held public meetings to woo the people of Karnataka to vote for Congress in the upcoming polls.

"They are changing brands". Earlier they were pseudo-secularists, now they are pseudo-Hinduism. "People understand which is an election gimmick and which is true devotion", he said. In our country, illiterate intelligence is very powerful.

"Misogyny runs deep within the BJP and PM Modi's statements are a classic example of this deplorable mindset", said a tweet posted along with the video with the hashtag "#MisogynisticModi" on the Congress Twitter handle.

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