Cuomo tweaks budget plan to thwart new federal tax code regulations

Gov. Cuomo favorability rating fell to 53% from 62% in January a Siena College poll found

Gov. Cuomo favorability rating fell to 53% from 62% in January a Siena College poll found

Of the registered voters surveyed, 40 percent had a negative view of the NY governor-a ten percent increase from January when 30 percent viewed the governor in a negative light, according to the poll.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, R-Suffolk County, questioned whether the new plan would add more costs and taxes on companies and New Yorkers. And Republicans say Cuomo should focus on lowering state taxes instead of finding ways to circumvent the federal tax code.

The Business Council of New York State also reacted cautiously to Cuomo's payroll tax proposal, saying only that they will review it.

Cuomo's proposed amendments must now be negotiated with the Senate and Assembly as they try to reach agreement on a new spending plan before the start of New York's fiscal year on April 1.

Another proposal from Cuomo includes creating a tax credit for individuals who make charitable contributions to public education or health care programs.

"We're trying to come up with solutions to the problem the federal government handed us", said state Budget Director Robert Mujica.

Cuomo took a hit with Democrats, but was worse with Republicans, while his popularity fell in New York City and dropped significantly in upstate, said Steven Greenberg, a spokesman for the Siena College poll. Local governments would have the authority to set up their own charitable funds to fund schools.

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State budget director Robert Mujica said President Trump and the GOP-run Congress left the state with no choice but to try to counter what he described as an attack on NY.

Cuomo's original budget proposal included legislation for early voting, but assumed that counties would pick up the cost, which was then estimated at $6.4 million.

On Tuesday, Flanagan poked at Cuomo for "haranguing" Republicans in Washington over tax hikes some New Yorkers will face under the new federal tax law and then, in his budget plan, raising taxes on New Yorkers by what he estimated is almost $3 billion.

"Employers will have to carefully consider the shift of tax liability and administrative costs when evaluating this election", said Heather Briccetti, president of the state Business Council.

Under the payroll-tax plan, employers would be subjected to a 5 percent tax on all annual payroll expenses in excess of $40,000 per employee.

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Cuomo's plan to counter the tax bill is in trouble as well.

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