Gerard Butler and company returning for Den of Thieves sequel

A Den of Thieves sequel is officially moving forward with Gerard Butler and the rest of the cast as well as director Christian Gudegast set to return

Den of Thieves 2 Is Happening with Gerard Butler & Original Director Ryan Scott

Although we weren't fans of this film in any way, shape or form, there's obviously enough interest in bland, unoriginal rehashs of Michael Mann's work to warrant making another film as Deadline reports Den Of Thieves 2: Den Harder (not the title) is in the works.

Gudegast is penning the screenplay from his own original idea, which will find Butler's crude and thoroughly unlikable "Big" Nick O'Brien pursuing Jackson Jr.'s Donnie in Europe, where the latter gets mixed up with diamond thieves, a massive gem heist and the infamous Panther mafia.

Curtis, who plays a bank robber in Den of Thieves, often portrays villains in his acting jobs and previously admitted that he enjoys the opportunity to be bad.

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Like many critics and audiences, we didn't care much for the picture, but it was made for a bargain price of $30 million.

Producers include Mark Canton and Tucker Tooley, as well as Butler and Alan Siegel via their G-BASE banner. According to Deadline's report, a combination of worldwide pre-sales and tax incentives led to 70 percent of the production budget being covered before Den of Thieves even hit theaters. O'Shea Jackson, also expected to be back, but he's now in negotiations for the sequel and hasn't yet signed on officially. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson will produce through his production company G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. The two movies have been neck-and-neck ever since they opened in mid-January.

It comes as Den of Thieves over-performed at the box office after its release last month, collecting around £33.2 million ($46.8 million) to date.

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