GOP Candidate Branded 'Sad' and 'Sick' for Meghan Markle Tweet

Meghan Markle is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world

GETTY STUNNING Meghan Markle is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world

Nehlen was suspended from Twitter over the weekend - permanently, according to a Washington Post report - after posting a doctored photo of England's Prince Harry and his fiancée, Meghan Markle, who is biracial.

The Wisconsin Republican Party has dumped a candidate for who has tweeted anti-Semitic statements and ideas, and who identifies with the alt-right.

Geneticists recently revealed that the almost 10,000-year-old Cheddar Man, which is known as Britain's oldest complete skeleton, would have had dark skin, black hair, and blue eyes. Paul had shared an image of Meghan Markle with a superimposed picture of Cheddar Man onto her face - the oldest skeleton to be found in the United Kingdom by scientists at the Natural History Museum who was revealed to have dark skin.

Nehlen defended his actions in posted comments Saturday on his Facebook page: "Paul Nehlen Lampooning the "Cheddar Man" fake science story, written and created to dispossess Britons of their Whiteness is entirely appropriate". After analysing his skeleton further and some facial reconstruction, scientists concluded that his ancestors arrived in Britain from West Asia after leaving Africa.

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Nehlen paid membership dues to the Racine County Republican Party in 2017, campaign finance records show. The Daily Mirror called the tweet "racist", while the Sun described Nehlen as Markle's "Twitter troll". "A deliberately inflammatory article [that I'd argue is pure junk science] was published indicating Brits, and by extension Americans, came from this Cheddar Man character", he wrote on Facebook. Nehlen is running to replace Paul Ryan in the Republican Primary for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district elections later this year.

On Sunday, Nehlen tried to defend his tweet after much criticism by targeting the Cheddar Man research.

Nehlen drew national attention in 2016 when he mounted a primary challenge to Ryan, in part by criticizing Ryan as insufficiently loyal to Donald Trump. He wrote in one tweet that he is reading "The Culture of Critique", a book about Jewish culture widely considered to be anti-Semitic, CNN reported.

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