Hindu right-wing militants harass couples on Valentine's Day in India

Valentine's Day in India Bajrang Dal VHP take to the streets Delhi traders give away roses

Bajrang Dal protests against V Day in Hyderabad

"They justified the protest saying, they do have to right to 'protect the culture of the land".

The Hindu outfit has also approached the pubs and restaurants in Hyderabad, asking them to boycott Valentine's Day celebrations.

According to reports, Bajrang Dal (BD) activists raided parks and hotels in the state's Pilibhit town, about 300 km from here, and "apprehended" several couples and handed them over to the police.

However, the VHP claimed that it only asked couples to leave the spot, and did not use force.

The police reached the waterfront and took the men into custody for allegedly threatening the couples. They were seen scaring away couples with a saffron wooden stick.

Fringe groups Bajrang Dal and Hindu Mahasabha have threatened to marry off any couple who is found on the street on Valentine's Day today.

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Earlier in the day, parks in the city including Indira Park, Sanjeeviah Park and Krishna Kant Park displayed flexes restricting access to lovers and only allowing married couple and families. 14th Feb is one day when all members of the Bajrang dal work hard to compensate for the lack of work throughout the year.

In another incident, members of Sakthi Sena organised a marriage of two dogs in Coimbatore in objection to Valentine's Day.

The mood was festive in Kolkata, where Bangladesh rock icon James shared the stage with popular Indian singer Rupam Islam in a live concert to mark the day.

In Delhi, a group of traders offered roses to passersby near municipal offices to draw their attention to problems posed by an ongoing sealing drive in the city.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal also voiced a message of love on the occasion. The party's stand is "neutral" on the issue, a senior party leader said.

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