Katie Couric apologizes for Olympic-size gaffe

Katie Couric apologizes for Olympic-size gaffe

Katie Couric apologizes for Olympic-size gaffe

The Embassy of the Netherlands in the United States chided Couric for her comments, and she subsequently apologized for them.

Couric centered on Amsterdam and said that in winter "for as long as those canals have existed the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place".

Following the flurry of backlash regarding her Opening Ceremony comments, Katie herself took to Twitter to apologize for her gaffe.

The statement prompted a flurry of criticism and ridicule from Dutch commenters, who pointed out that the canals in Amsterdam freeze very rarely, and even when they do, the Dutch typically prefer cars over ice skates for getting around.

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Couric offered an apology in response, which the Dutch accepted.

Couric made comments about the medals won mainly for skating, implying that the country as a whole commutes by ice skating from place to place and that this largely contributed to its ability to win those events.

The veteran news anchor and interviewer mistakenly said that the Dutch are so successful in speed skating because skates have been used as a form of transportation when canals freeze in the Netherlands. Viewers - Dutch and otherwise - let Couric have it, responding hilariously to a tweet by Jos Duijvestein, whose Twitter bio describes him as "Dutch!"

NBC announced in mid-January it would bring back Couric, its former employee, to co-host the opening ceremony alongside Mike Tirico. And one more joked that, "The Dutch do NOT skate to work. I'd love to visit again and celebrate your success!" she wrote. "And this folks is why Americans are less bright about the rest of the world as they spread fake news!" That belongs to Joshua Cooper Ramo, 49, an analysis who stuck his foot in his mouth when speaking about the Koreans. Japan ruled Korea from 1910 to 1945, a period that was marked by "executions, forced labor, systemic rape of so called "comfort women" " and other atrocities, according to Deadspin.

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