Trump aide to leave White House after abuse allegations

Trump aide to leave White House after abuse allegations

Trump aide to leave White House after abuse allegations

Ms. Holderness, Mr. Porter's first wife, described their relationship as "verbally, emotionally and physically abusive" in an interview with The Daily Mail.

The Washington Post reports White House staffers knew vaguely of the situation as of late 2017, but only heard the alleged details when contacted Tuesday by a reporter from the Daily Mail, which first reported the women's story. Further, Holderness said she told her story to the FBI on January 24, 2017 when she was interviewed as part of Porter's security clearance investigation.

"I think that was a personal decision that Rob made and one that he was not pressured to do but one that he made on his own", said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Porter, well-liked throughout the White House, lost internal support once the photos came out.

The White House would not comment on a report that Mr Porter, 40, failed to receive security clearance.

The current husband of Rob Porter's ex-wife said a friend of Porter's was "actively working to quell" issues regarding the former White House staff secretary's background check previous year, according to CNN. In a news briefing like the one Shah held on Thursday, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said, "Hitting a woman is not something a real man does, and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public eye or, far too often, behind closed doors". His last day at the White House is now today.

She also released a series of photos to the Intercept, showing her with a black eye and a bruised cheekbone after she claims Porter punched her in the face more than a decade ago. No action was taken to remove him from the staff.

It's unclear whether Porter was granted a security clearance of any level at his prior job with Sen.

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Jennie Willoughby is one of two ex-wives of White House aide, Rob Porter alleging emotional and physical abuse.

A top aide to White House chief of staff John Kelly, Porter was initially defended by glowing White House statements in spite of his resignation. "Porter has repeatedly denied these allegations and done so publicly".

Only after Porter announced he would resign, and with the matter blowing into a media firestorm, did Kelly issue a second statement. His influence growing in recent months, Porter was often seen with Trump when the president traveled and as he signed legislation or proclamations.

Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia was likewise aghast at what he called Kelly's "catastrophic judgment error" in keeping Porter on.

Several White House aides said Wednesday that Kelly's statement was a mistake. Talking about his resignation, he has said that he "will seek to ensure a smooth transition when he leaves the White House".

Porter not only controlled the flow of information onto Trump's desk, but as a lawyer, he also helped vet the mountain of documents that require the President's signature. Holderness, a USA government analyst, said Porter had kicked her on their 2003 honeymoon in the Canary Islands.

He formerly worked for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, who said he was "heartbroken" by the allegations.

"It's wrong", Kennedy said when asked about the allegations against Porter.

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