Amazon Just Made it Easier to Bark Follow-Up Commands at Alexa

Alexa should we worry about Amazon's layoffs

Alexa should we worry about Amazon's layoffs?Image christina ascani mashable

When more and more related user stories began to circulate online, Amazon eventually recognized the problem and promised to do something about it.

With the new update, users, who wish to ask queries to Alexa, can now do so without having to call out to Alexa each time, TechCrunch reported.

We haven't personally experienced the bug.

It's a small change, but if you're an active Echo user this is the kind of thing to make your life a little less frustrating.

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Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, who, thanks to her artificial intelligence, answers questions and receives orders from users, shows odd symptoms - which refer to parapsychological thrillers - as she suddenly starts without a reason to laugh in a frightening way it can freeze the blood.

Amazon acknowledged the issue and said it was working to fix it, but that did not prevent users on Twitter from questioning whether humanity might be about to face its robot overlords. It will also program Alexa to preface its simulacrum of human emotion with the phrase: "Sure, I can laugh". The company suggested in an email that the laughs had occurred "in rare circumstances" because the speaker was picking up a "false positive" for the command "Alexa, laugh".

Thankfully Amazon's made some changes, and it should cut down the number of times you have to refer to Alexa by name when shouting out multiple commands. If you see it turned off then you missed your window and will need to say the wake-up command again.

It is is sometimes rather amusing how easily Amazon can be confused. Have you experienced and amusing moments?

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