Amazon recalls 260000 chargers due to overheating risk

Illustration by Alex Castro  The Verge

Illustration by Alex Castro The Verge

According to the CPSC, the battery in the AmazonBasics portable power banks can overheat and ignite, which could pose fire and burn hazards.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the recall involves six versions of the AmazonBasics' portable lithium-ion battery/power banks: 16,100 mAh; 10,000 mAh; 5,600 mAh; 2,000 mAh with micro USB cable; 3,000 mAh with USB micro cable. You shouldn't just mail the power bank back to Amazon in a box; judging by how the recall of Samsung's infamous Galaxy Note 7 went, you'll need to ship any potentially defective devices back in a special fireproof box.

Amazon offered the power banks for sale through, Amazon Bookstores, and Amazon Pop-Up Stores between December 2014 and July 2017. All known purchasers are being contacted directly by the firm. All affected devices have already been removed from sale on Amazon's website. The potentially risky models of the AmazonBasics Power Banks can no longer be purchased.

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The CPSC said consumers should unplug and stop using the power banks, and contact Amazon for a refund. The company is promising to provide customers with refunds for their purchases.

Amazon has received 53 reports of these power banks overheating, which include incidents of battery acid burns and property damage from fire. "We regret any inconvenience this may cause you".

"The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority", Amazon said in the email.

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