American Idol premiere on ABC is least-watched in history

American Idol premiere on ABC is least-watched in history

American Idol premiere on ABC is least-watched in history

"If Trevor doesn't break up with his girlfriend to be with Katy then what are we really here for?" one fan asked, and another fan wrote, "Katy's thirst for this Trevor guy is exactly how embarrassing I would be for hot guys with guitars if I were a judge on this show". First was 18-year-old Catie Turner from Langhorne. Pa.

A high school senior from Livingston is turning his musical dreams into reality.

There were more than enough doubters and critics in television land ready to say that it had only been two years since wrapping Season 15 of "American Idol", including a grateful send-off from then-President Barack Obama. I don't think I'm ready for that. "I can't take it down, dumba****", she said while walking out of the audition. And I am still crying, and it's not a handsome tear. After the acid-tongued judge couldn't stop laughing at 18-year-old Jonathan Rey's weird rendition of Shakira's "The One", saying, "I think we're going to have to cancel this competition - that was bad", the teen walked up to the judges' table as if to shake hands, but instead picked up a cup of water to throw at Cowell.

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But it didn't satisfy the 33-year-old popstar who complained that Benjamin "didn't make the smooch sound". The instrument was a gift from his grandparents. He recalls one particular moment when the band shed tears. The judges don't think he's ready for Hollywood, but at least he got a first kiss out of the deal. Before last night's reboot, those two hours of ABC's Sunday night roster served as a placeholder for the 28-year-old "America's Funniest Home Videos" and the transplanted "Shark Tank".

The Roar star chided the teen, "Don't even try and get cocky now", before urging him to start his audition. During his pre-performance interview, the Oklahoma native admitted he had never kissed a girl because he'd never been in a relationship. Sardor shrieks his way through Luke James' "I Want You" with such conviction that surely Klaus Nomi's wig levitated from the grave.

"There are incredible voices on the show this year", said Kris Pooley. "I feel really excited about this". She gets three yeses.

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