Android P to make your phone a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

Android P to make your phone a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

Android P to make your phone a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

The two biggest features those are rumored about Android P are the support for atypical display types including the display notch and an overhauled Material Design interface.

One of the more interesting features that will be coming with Android P is the ability to use your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse.

Support for Bluetooth HID was added to Android back in December 2016 but is only now being enabled for Android P. Native support should allow developers to include the feature in their software, meaning users will no longer have to root their device and download apps like Bluetooth+ to use their smartphones as Bluetooth input devices. Ahead of the release, we have come across a few rumors that hint at the upcoming features of the next Android OS.

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So what exactly does this all mean? That means app developers can not create apps utilizing the service to enable your smartphone to be used as a basic keyboard/mouse input device. New evidence suggests that's about to change soon, and it's likely that Android P will come with Bluetooth HID support out of the gate.

Well, Google has not confirmed the support for this device yet, however in the coming days, the giant will come up with an official statement regarding the same to support the Bluetooth HID device in the future Android update. You might be familiar with some of the more common ones, such as the Hands-Free Profile (HFP) and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which are typically used for voice calls and music streaming respectively. The appropriate APIs are now unhidden for developers to use so that their apps will be able to work with the keyboard and mouse-like capabilities on phones running Android P. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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