Chilly start to a mild, sunny Friday

Chilly start to a mild, sunny Friday

Chilly start to a mild, sunny Friday

The atmosphere will become more unstable through the day.

The high Sunday will be just 38 degrees with winds gusting to 38 miles per hour in Flagstaff before the snow tapers off by afternoon. Models are indicating higher wind shear values and instability during the afternoon.

If the coastal storm is slow to develop and waits until it reaches the ME coast, much of the region may be spared the worst of the wind and tidal problems. It is still early and we'll have many tweaks and adjustments to the forecast over the next several days. If you plan on taking part in festivities make sure you pack some sort of rain gear and keep up do date with the radar. Rain will be likely and we could see around one to two inches of rain through next Tuesday.

As for today, the SPC thinks isolated severe storms will be possible in the northwest corner of the state.

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The nor'easter continues to show up in projections from all the most reliable computer models, including the American model, known as the Global Forecast System or GFS, and the European Model, or "Euro". Highs Saturday will rise to the mid 70s.

Tonight showers with a few t-storms will continue before midnight north of I-70 with lows in the mid 30s to low 40s. Otherwise, partly sunny with a high of around 39. We'll see a few clouds during the late afternoon and evening. The rain could slow your travel down early Monday.

Differences between computer models in projecting the evolution of the midweek storm have to do with how and when weather disturbances phase, as well as the precise track of a low pressure area along the coast.

Those cells could pose a threat of producing strong to severe storms, although, the threat is low. Saturday night is expected to be dry and cloudy.

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