Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith for The Crown

Outrage The Crown's Claire Foy earned less than her male co-star Matt Smith it has been revealed

Outrage The Crown's Claire Foy earned less than her male co-star Matt Smith it has been revealed

Despite the fact that actor Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth, the very subject of Netflix series "The Crown", she still earned less per episode than her counterpart, Matt Smith, who played the Queen's husband, Prince Philip.

According to Variety, Mackie and Harries claimed that Smith's higher salary was directly tied to his star status, developed during his four years as the lead on the beloved British series Doctor Who.

This demonstrates the problematic wage gap in the industry. Foy not getting equal pay on a show where her character and Smith's are constantly fighting about him feeling emasculated by her power is so deliciously poetic I could nearly laugh. "Broadchurch" alum Olivia Coleman will play the queen, and Smith's replacement has yet to be named.

According to Variety, on Tuesday, the show's producers said at the INTV Conference in Jerusalem that Foy, who won a Golden Globe for her work on the show past year, made less money than her on-screen husband, actor Matt Smith.

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She had significantly more screen time in the biopic, which centered around the Monarch.

At least Foy has moved up in stature, having won a Golden Globe and two Screen Actor's Guild Awards for her royal performance on "The Crown". Her turn in BBC's Wolf Hall earned her a BAFTA nomination, and the series as a whole was a massive critical and commercial success.

"Going forward, no one gets paid more than the queen", Variety quoted Mackie as saying.

The producers insisted the pay discrepancy would be changed for future seasons - however, that will be of little consolation to Foy, who will no longer star in the show. It is not yet known how much Smith was paid. The showrunners are expected to make more announcements soon concerning who will be cast in major roles. The same report approximated that This Is Us breakout Chrissy Metz, like Foy, also made $40,000 per episode, but The Crown filmed 10 episodes its first season versus This Is Us's 18.

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