Days documentary follows Parkland activists' gun control movement

Days documentary follows Parkland activists' gun control movement

Days documentary follows Parkland activists' gun control movement

Stoneman Douglas victimsMuch like the school walkouts and other demonstrations that have taken place, the marches are expected to devote time to honoring the 17 students and faculty members killed on February 14. The counter-protesters, though, argue that school safety can be accomplished and gun violence curbed without infringing upon gun owners' rights.

She then stood silently for several minutes before a teary-eyed crowd, a painful hush marking the little over six minutes it took for the gunman to snuff out 17 lives.

Newman spoke alongside Gonzalez at the press conference and will attend the Washington, D.C. march she organized.

Tarr said students involved in the anti-gun movement who are on the cusp of becoming old enough to vote are realizing the significance of their vote.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" Kasky and fellow student Delaney Tarr said the demonstrations in Washington, D.C., across the country and overseas showed youth were committed to tackling the issue of gun violence.

"We want to send a message to politicians that they need to do something, you know".

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Parkland resident Steve Weisbrot said, "It was overwhelming to witness Democracy on full display as people of all ages and races voiced their consciousness, peacefully".

Six weeks ago, they were just high school kids in Parkland, Fla.: cramming for tests, plodding through college essays, jousting with friends. Over the years, the NRA has successfully slowed and dismantled gun-control efforts it said would hurt the Second Amendment and gun owners across the U.S. "We have to make sure this will never happen again anywhere, anywhere in the world". But, he says, they must remain focused on the local level and the cities where members of Congress are from, which can help thrust the issue into the spotlight of this year's elections.

Student Samantha Fuentes, sporting a giant black eye and carrying a cane, can also be seen walking the documentary cameras through the wounds she received during the shooting.

People hold up signs during a "March for Our Lives" rally to show solidarity with the US gun control movement in Montreal, Saturday, March 24, 2018.

She added the Parkland students seem to have a really good shot at a sustained campaign because the children are diverse and joining forces with others, minorities in cities that have been heavily affected by gun violence. Stoneman Douglas student survivorsThe students who were inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas on the day that 17 of their peers and teachers were gunned down have since emerged as some of the most visible voices for change. "So whatever I can do or anybody else can do, I suggest that they do that".

"They should continue to play at their strengths and not try to be like the others before them", Bland said.

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