Dog dies on United flight after being placed in overhead bin

The airlines told Swindle that because Irgo could be on an international flight the dog might be required to be quarantined in Japan up to two weeks

Dog dies on United flight after being placed in overhead bin

"I witnessed a United flight attendant instruct a woman to put her dog carrier with live dog in an overhead bin", Maggie Gremminger of New York City, wrote on Facebook.

A dog has allegedly died on a United Airlines flight from Houston to NY after passengers say a flight attendant ordered that the animal be put in an overhead bin.

"It was clearly a dog and while the customer was adamant about leaving it under the seat, the attendant pushed her to do so", she wrote in the first of a series of tweets.

It's unclear why or if the woman did not check on her pet during the flight. The flight attendant continued to ask the passenger to do it, and she eventually complied.

Gremminer explained that the dog barked twice during the 30 minutes after take off, then fell silent. "The woman was crying in the airplane aisle on the floor", Gremminger told One Mile at a Time.

"Gremminger stated that the flight attendant denied knowing that a dog was inside the carrier, but that another passenger said he heard the flight attendant say, 'You need to put your dog up here'".

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"This was a tragic accident that should have never occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin", United said in a statement.

United Airlines says it assumes full responsibility for the dog's death.

"We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again", Schmerin added. In August of past year, a dog passed away in a plane's cargo hold while the flight was delayed on the tarmac for two hours, moths after the death of a giant rabbit following a United flight from London to Iowa in April.

"We both knew it didn't feel right", Gremminger said.

Last year, 18 animals died while being transported on United - there were six cases on all other US carriers combined, according to the Department of Transportation.

Eighteen died on board, compared to just two on Delta and American Airlines flights.

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