Dota 2 gets subscription service Dota Plus

Dota 2 gets subscription service Dota Plus

Dota 2 gets subscription service Dota Plus

DOTA has announced a new subscription program called "DOTA Plus".

Popular MOBA Dota 2 is set to receive an update to its current Battle Pass Plan. The Dota Plus site that describes the Assistant's goal says that it'll suggest items that should be purchased, abilities that should be leveled based on what lane players are in and on the compositions of both teams, and will even suggest heroes for players to pick before the game based on what allies and enemies have already picked. The service is being replaced by Dota Plus, which Valve states is an "evolution of the Battle Pass" that costs $3.99 per month.

The Hero Leveling system allows experience to be earned towards leveling up a specific hero by completing matches with them.

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But perhaps the most interesting new offering included with the monthly subscription is access to the Plus Assistant, an in-game utility that provides players with a more detailed record of their own past play statistics and data-driven suggestions for things like items and abilities mid-match. Plus Assistant gives real-time item and ability suggestions "generated from data gathered across millions of recent games at each skill bracket". The assistant will also give advice on what hero to choose, depending on which ones have been picked, as well as which lanes to focus on with said hero to be most effective. In the past, these have taken the form of limited-time compendiums that centered around major Dota 2 esports tournaments, including The International and Majors.

Dota Plus members will also get access to the returning Battle Cup for free, while other players will have to pay $0.99 for the privilege. Non-subscribers will still be able to participate, but will have to purchase tickets to be able to do so. It's priced at $4 per month, with some small discounts available if you lock in a subscription for six or 12 months.

While reactions to the release of Dota Plus have been mixed, one new announcement dropped recently has made people very happy, with the reveal of Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch.

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