EU's Tusk urges Trump to restart TTIP talks

US President Donald Trump talks to China's President Xi Jinping | Thomas Peter  AFP via Getty Images

US President Donald Trump talks to China's President Xi Jinping | Thomas Peter AFP via Getty Images

Other countries could still be granted exemptions.

Then I will thank the president for the wonderful thing he did. Tillerson's exit follows that of economic advisor Gary Cohn, a strong free trade proponent.

A possible trade war could have just as strong an effect for USA companies, but in the opposite direction.

"(If) you don't have steel, you don't have a country!" announced the president. They didn't trigger a massive trade war - nor did they do much to bring jobs back or slow the decline of the industry in the United States.

There's wisely been an exception for Canada and Mexico, our NAFTA partners.

Steel is important, but "the choice isn't between producing 100 percent of our steel (and having a country) or producing no steel (and presumably losing our country)", writes Veronique De Rugy of the Mercatus Center. More destructively, in the future, the law exempts from USA taxes a large share of the foreign profits made by US corporations, and taxes the remainder at half the rate companies pay for profits earned at home.

"We export 70 percent of the almond crop to other countries - it's our number one crop in Stanislaus County", said Stanislaus County Farm Bureau Executive Manager Wayne Zipser. Just 3 percent come from China.

There's been consolidation. But so what? Profits rose from $714 million in 2016 to $2.8 billion previous year. American industrial workers have paid the bitter price with job losses from Pennsylvania to IL. Thriving communities turned into ghost towns.

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Do the math. While imported steel will cost more, imports will drop from one third to one fifth of all steel used here. There's no doubt American steel industries have been devastated for a generation by cheaper foreign imports. They framed it as a just response to "unfairness" and "cheating" by foreign producers, which usually means China, which is little different from Trump's rationale.

This would not be good news for investors who piled into steel stocks over the past month, hoping to reap windfall profits from an industry sheltering under the protection of Trump-imposed tariffs.

Great. But now we'll get a feeding frenzy of businesses competing to catch Trump's ear.

"Make trade, not war, Mr President", Tusk said on Wednesday, addressing U.S. President Donald Trump following talks in the Finnish capital of Helsinki with Prime Minister, Juha Sipila.

Economies thrive when there are clear rules that everyone understands. When India raises serious concerns with other developing countries, then India is tainted on grounds that it is blocking an important decision that benefits the U.S. and its allies.

I understand that Trump the developer liked to make special deals, but when presidents do that, it's crony capitalism - crapitalism. "You can't cooperate when you're getting whacked around", the person told Reuters. That's what kept most of Africa and South America poor.

To underscore the point, the USW appealed to the Trudeau government to "take action to prevent a surge of steel and aluminum imports into Canada as a result of USA tariffs", fall into line with the Trump administration's reactionary protectionist trade war agenda that is intensifying tensions between the world's major powers and laying the basis for future military conflicts. "Every year $800 billion". "That is the reason why, a few years ago, we started trade negotiations with the United States", he said. But even if it were $800 billion, who cares? Foreign companies will have to pay a 25 percent tax for steel and 10 percent for aluminum sold on the USA market. We get the better of that deal.

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