Fearing trade war, European Union warns of protectionism 'dead end'

Fearing trade war, European Union warns of protectionism 'dead end'

Fearing trade war, European Union warns of protectionism 'dead end'

As with many of Trump's economic ideas, the tariffs were driven by the misguided notion that all worldwide trade is a zero-sum game, wherein any benefit derived by a foreign partner must by its very nature have come at America's expense.

"In itself, it will not make much difference to the direction of the world economy", he said.

Ross 'will be speaking with representatives of the European Union about eliminating the large Tariffs and Barriers they use against the U.S.A.,' Trump tweeted. The bloc does impose a 10 percent levy on USA auto imports, while the US charges a 25 percent levy on trucks and pick-ups, and up to 40 percent on some clothes, she said. Over the weekend, he said in a tweet that the European Union could potentially be exempt from the steel and aluminum duties "if they drop their horrific barriers & tariffs on US products going in ..."

"But I accept what the president said", Trudeau added, "that as long as there is a free-trade deal in North America there won't be tariffs". "That's because both steel and aluminum are intermediate goods, suggesting that they will adversely affect other manufacturers", he added. We are committed to working with the Administration to find a long-term solution within the new framework that supports jobs in the USA auto industry and across the supply chain.

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"Recently we have seen how it is used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate us". But it will hurt firms which export pipes and tubes besides stainless steel, which account for 34 per cent of the steel exports to the US. Steel prices have also been on the rise.

Even if USA manufacturers increased their output of the two metals, it would add only 0.05 per cent to GDP, according to Guatieri.

The EU has already warned that it is preparing counter measures if it is not exempted from the tariffs, while officials from China said over the weekend that a trade war would only bring "disaster" to the global economy. Last week Trump said any tariffs would be implemented in a "loving way". Other nations, like Japan, South Korea and Brazil have also called for similar treatment.

Australia will be exempt from the Trump administration's Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminium imported into the United States. China is also the potential target of far more wide-ranging US action over what Washington says is its theft of intellectual property and coercion of USA firms to share commercial secrets. The president has often threatened to pull out of the trade pact unless the countries reach a deal that better serves US interests.

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