Flake: Anti-tariff Republican should challenge Trump in 2020

WASHINGTON DC- DECEMBER 20 U.S. President Donald Trump greets Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan during an event to celebrate Congress passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with Republican members of the House and Senate on the South Lawn of the Wh

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Mr. Trump has all but declared that he will run for reelection, unveiling his new campaign slogan at a Saturday rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania: "Keep America Great!"

Flake, whom many speculate has his own presidential ambitions, did not indicate whether he meant to be that challenger.

The next presidential election is still more than two years away, and despite a strong economy, President Trump could see a primary challenge coming from a member of his own party looking to unseat the commander in chief.

Earlier this month, he said, "I do think the president will have a challenge from the Republican Party, I think there should be. But that's not to say it will stay that way", Flake said. "Those who are happy with the economic growth that we have recently achieved, and are interested in seeing it continue, ought to support this bill". The series, put on by the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and New England Council, describes its mission as providing "New Hampshire and New England business leaders with a chance to meet with major party presidential candidates" and calls itself "a "must-stop" on the presidential campaign trail".

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U.S. Senator Jeff Flake introduced legislation on Monday to nullify tariffs on imported steel and aluminum announced last week by the White House. The president rolled out the tariffs Thursday, extending an initial exemption to Canada and Mexico while raising the possibility of exemptions for other countries that renegotiate their trade policies with the United States.

Flake also reiterated his belief that Trump's behavior as president, such as continuing to verbally abuse the media, "does real damage long term to the political culture" and should not be normalized.

"I think that our trade deals have been negotiated for a very, very long time now to benefit large, multinational corporations, not to benefit the American worker", she said. "We should not normalize this behavior'".

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