Gabrielle Union Responds to Headline Referring to Her as 'Dwyane Wade's Wife'

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade at All Star Saturday Night Feb. 17 in Los Angeles

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade at All Star Saturday Night Feb. 17 in Los Angeles

Wade has visited Stoneman Douglas and spent time with the parents of Joaquin Oliver after the parents of the 17-year-old, who was killed during the attack, revealed their son was buried wearing a Wade Heat jersey.

The Being Mary Jane star called out a local Miami TV station on Twitter on Monday after they referred to her as Dwyane Wade's wife in a tweet about a story where the couple donated $200,000 to a gun control rally.

While Wade joined the Heat in Portland for the start of the team's three-game road trip, he was never considered likely to be available for Monday's contest after straining his left hamstring in Miami's victory over Washington on Saturday.

Another part of the exhibit features 17 desks, with the names of each victim and their age. People added their names to the work which read "We demand change".

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Several Parkland survivors became emotional upon visiting the exhibit. Over the weekend, he dedicated an art exhibit called "Parkland 17" during Miami's Art Walk, according to CBS Miami. Gun violence statistics are also featured throughout the exhibit.

Creative Director Calyann Barnett explained that Wade wanted to make sure the exhibit wasn't just about remembering.

"Last night I cried nearly as hard as I had when this first happened", Emma Gonzalez said. "This art exhibit was so powerful, so emotional, so raw, words can not describe what being there last night meant to me".

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