Game of Thrones finale will feature lots of major character deaths

Game of Thrones Season 7 Kit Harrington

Game of Thrones finale will feature lots of major character deaths

"From a budget stand point going into season two of "Big Little Lies" without any options in place we've been short of raped", Orsi said. "Then there was applause that lasted 15 minutes".

Orsi was joined on the panel by programming president Casey Bloys with drama chiefs David Levine, moderated by WME's Marc Korman.

Orsi also promised that the final season of GoT will not disappoint.

But before we get to these side-quests, which will arrive at least one year after the conclusion of Game of Thrones, we need to finish up the original series.

"Game of Thrones" fans have known from the first season (Ned Stark, nooooo!) that author George R.R. Martin is willing to kill off any character, no matter how beloved. She went on to explain that they planned to go big with the continuation of the franchise, with a plan of up to five different spinoffs. She admitted, however, that the choice to continue required major renegotiation with the show's cast, which includes that the transition from a one-season effort to a second season was a financial hurdle, requiring huge renegotiations with the cast, which includes Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

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While continuing the show through "three, four, five" spinoffs was teased - with the alternative being compared to "corporate malfeasance" - the main draw here was the show's eighth and final season finale.

Orsi, however, did admit that HBO is facing a budget conundrum.

Both "Game of Thrones" and "Big Little Lies" are expected to return to HBO with new episodes in 2019. "More money doesn't always equal better but in some cases the scope of ideas do require it".

"It was unbelievable", she gushed. "They're in the volume business, we're in the curation business", said Bloys. "Amazon is not paying for the travel, which is somewhat of a disgrace and they need to know that and others don't want to get lost in Netflix".

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