Google Assistant adds daily updates and push notifications for voice apps

Google Assistant is getting Action subscriptions, better media playback, and more

Manufacturers can now create custom Google Assistant commands

The subscriptions were one of the original features of Google Assistant when it was launched, however, the update brings more new things in this feature such as daily updates and push notifications.

Assistant will now also be able to show you information in a carousel like view within the Assistant panel. Now, Google could do one better by letting you pick your own word to wake up its assistant, at least according to some code spotted in the latest update to the Google app.

Improved media playback: A user will now be able to access and control additional playback content like a clip from a TV show etc.

Google goes a step further, demonstrating Assistant's new abilities with a custom-built robotic arm that follows Google Assistant's instructions to sort socks, and even a custom beer ordering system built into a sofa.

Google Assistant is getting Action subscriptions, better media playback, and more
Google Assistant just made a huge play for the Amazon Alexa device market

Google also adds video voicemail feature to its Duo app. For instance, you can be notified of news alerts when they happen.

Google today introduced a series of new features for its Actions on Google platform for third-party voice apps, including a new browsing carousel to showcase content and greater control over the kind of audio an action can play. On your phone, audio from Actions will produce a media notification you can use to manage playback as well.

So the manufacturer of a smart dishwasher that supports Google Assistant could add a command to "start a hypercycle", even though that's not a universal feature found on other dishwashers, a report on the tech website said. The feature allows an action to be made aware if you paid for premium content in an app. a The concent can subsequently be made available for you. Again, developers need to implement this support and push out an update for Google review. From the documentation, this sounds like it's only for devices with embedded Assistant like the Nest Cam IQ and the iHome speaker announced at CES. There aren't many examples of hardware with built-in Assistant yet, but developers will be able to include custom commands in them going forward. You wouldn't have to say "Talk to X" before issuing a complex custom command.

Most of the new features are available to Actions developers starting today. Users can expect to see these features roll out as they get adopted.

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